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Many legends tell of the oldest of clans, the most silent fog that sweeps through minecraftia. Rumors in villages, mysterious sightings, and odd new structures appearing. According to a former farmer, he saw one of them being setup over night. "Shadows that darted across the horizon, it lasted a while..." "The next mornin' I went ta investigate what was goin' on, and I saw a well lookin' thing. I daren't enter it". King Malachos of the desert-lands claims to have inside knowledge, saying that the wealth is strong beneath their fortresses, cunningly disguised as innocent objects, such as wells, houses, and perhaps a structure in your nearest village?. If the king id right, then you could walk in a nothing and walk out a hero.... but the thieves that apparently live there...... know the tricks in the book.


- "The well of gold"

- "A seemingly deceivingly small house"

- "Fort Haven"

- "Guild of diamonds"

- "A whisper of the end"

Dungeon notes:

-Please try not to use blocks unless you're stuck in a hole or something as these dungeons are designed around a certain theme, and the dungeon item is always available to you before you have to use it (you just have to find it first ;)

"The well of gold"

This dungeon is intended to be the first dungeon in chocolate quest you should encounter. Since a lot of dungeons in chocolate quest are super difficult and notch apples are necessary, I decided that the fist dungeon in "A legacy of thieves" is for people with barely anything. The item of the dungeon is an iron dagger, and it is located in the 'boss' room (the boss intended for the type of enemy in the dungeon is WAY too hard for a person with basic equipment. Typical spoils usually give some decent weapons, lots of food and a couple diamonds as well as a few blocks of gold if you're lucky ;)

It is the smallest of all five dungeons and should be attempted first, unless you feel ready enough for a bigger, tougher dungeon :)

Screenshots of "The well of gold":


1: Entrance

Boss room

2: Boss room

3: Dungeon item

Dungeon item

4: From stone sword, full leather and 8 apples to that

DOWNLOAD "The well of gold":

Typical spoils