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Abyss Walker
An Abyss Walker
An Abyss Walker
Name: Abyss Walker
Total HP: 35
Member of faction: mob_walker
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.abyssWalker
Drops: Materials
Boss Monster: Abyss Walker King
Found in: Snow castle

The Abyss Walker is a hostile mob. It has 35 health points. Abyss Walkers have blue glowing eyes, greysh skin, and they make an enderman hurt sound. Check out the article about the exciting New Mob AI and learn how to join a team of mobs so that they will follow you and fight for you.

Meet the Abyss Walker! (the life story of a Walker named 'Walker')[]

Walker stares across the snowy wastes outside his castle. He's never actually left the castle. Probably. He doesn't like to talk about the past, he likes to focus on the future! Like how he's going to slay all intruders in the future! And how the Walker King will commend him for it in the future! And how his cousin, Herobrine, may someday return to the castle of his childhood! But this is all far in the future. For now, Walker is enjoying a wonderful drinking party inside the castle. He can hear splashing coming from the room below, they tried sending a few walkers down there once to find out why, but since they didn't come back, and since there were loud screams of "The Turtle, The Turtle!" Walker and his extended family simply stopped going down there.