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Abyss Walker King
The Abyss Walker King
The Abyss Walker King
Name: Abyss Walker King
Total HP: 500
Member of faction: mob_walker
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.abyssWalkerboss
Drops: King Armor,0-1 Shield,Walker Sword,Badge.
Boss Monster: Abyss Walkers
Found in: All Snow Castles.

The Walker King looks like a regular walker, but he wears King Armor and Colored Diamond Armor. He bears a walker sword and a shield. He is definitely the strongest boss in the mod, even being able to give Shelob a run for her money.


HP: 500

Defense: 20 (Same as Resistance IV and Protection X)

Attack: 10 (5 Hearts)


Enemies: Undead, Gremlin, Pirate, Mecha Golem.

Allies: Walkers


The Abyss Walker King teleports and blocks with his shield, beside also hitting hard! He can also shoot 2 tornadoes: an abyss one which will encase around you, and a walker one which will spread all around the place. Careful out there. He also has a desperation move that he can pull out when he's losing, where he summons a massive amount of lightning to come down on both you and him, likely killing you and healing him to almost, if not full health again. Thankfully, the odds of him doing this are incredibly low.


  • If you put the Abyss Walker King next to the Dragon, he'll mount it like the boss he is.
  • In 1.2 versions of the mod when he was first introduced, he was originally called the Shadow Walker Boss. Back then he only really teleported around and just acted like a normal walker with a shield, though whenever you fought him he made the sky dark and rain.