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The Angry Minotaur
The Minotaur Boss, with his old look from 1
The Minotaur Boss, with his old look from 1.1b
Name: Angry Minotaur
Total HP: 40/500
Member of faction: mob_minotaur
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.Minotaur
Drops: Basic CQ mob drops.
Boss Monster: of the Minotaurs
Found in: Player-made dungeon exclusive
2017-12-01 19.46

The Minotaur Boss, in it's current state and outfit. Extremely powerful.

The Minotaur also called Minotaur Boss or angry Minotaur is the boss of the Minotaurs, and we all hope he'll get a better name soon.

The Angry Minotaur has a unique fighting style. He will charge at you attempting to hit you. When he charges he will gain speed over time making it harder to dodge the attack and land hits on him.

He wields the Bull Greatsword.


  • The Minotaur Boss now spawns with 500 health, which was previously not the case. He once only spawned with 40 health, and would regenerate to 500.
  • Minotaurs do not yet spawn in any non-player-made dungeons, but they are expected to appear in some sort of nether dungeon in the future.
  • The Minotaur boss, between his 500 health and 51/2 (11 damage) attacks, is one of the most scary bosses in the mod, although even he can't give Shelob a run for her money. He also wears bull armor (minus the helmet) and has a bull cape attached to his chestplate. Also added in, was his new sword. It is still a bull greatsword, but it has an element added (+2.7 magic).

    This is the minotaur's old look and design. Notice a weaker sword, and a lack of armor. He also looks rather sad.