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The Armor Stand is a block that you can place in the world and use to store and display armor.

By Default, Armor Stands generate in a few structures, making them possible to obtain.


Armor Stands can be harvested by hand in survival.


Players can right click the stand while holding a piece of armor to equipt it onto the stand, or swap the armor if the stand has another piece in the same slot.

Additionally, right clicking with an open hand will swap the player's armor with the stand.

By holding shift and right clicking with an open hand, a GUI will open, showing the stand's inventory. Armor and items can be directly added or taken from the available slots, but the offhand will not show due to a bug. The player's inventory graphic is also misaligned in this GUI, which may cause confusion.


  • In Minecraft 1.8, Armor Stands were added to the base game, serving the exact function