The Chocolate Quest Wiki

I created a pack with at least 8 small dungeons (their size are bigger than a inquisition villa) and structures, and add a thing that missed in chocolate quest mod itself: bandits.

They strength are medium, between iron and leather, equiped with iron and diamond swords with shiels or revolver with shields (have one in a dungeon with akimbo revolvers, i don't now if this guy shoot with both them).

The loot are few, obviously, but, i recomment to you go with a friend if you have no armor, or alone with enchanted chain set and stone sword at least.

One of dungeons have a possible bug that not import the chests (i think this bug was fixed), but this happened only one time.

First is the Wood Fort:

Wood Camp
Wood Camp

The Cobble Fort (ignore the side structure) :


Greek Walls (olympics intensifies) :


Sandstone Retreat (this trapdoors is not only for decoration) :

2016-07-06 14.05

Mecha Titan SP - 0D3R (not, it not able to drive, but if you know a mod that make this possible, comment pls) :


Apocalypse Machine (it shoot firecharges, but not able to drive too, also, ignore the pokeballs) :

Tank with pokeballs

Download Link (just drag and drop into directory: .minecraft/config/Chocolate) :