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2014-07-18 19.36

The Legendary Weapon has fallen to the ground! Quick! Steal it for yourself! Even if it doesn't fit, it's extremely valuable!

This un-craftable legendarily powerful weapon is truly a wonder to behold! To fire this, the vanquisher of evil, you need not even use ammo! You must merely right-click and feel the power of the gods exude from your hand, lifting opponents into the air only to crush their physical form with fall damage! While clearly designed for the hands of the great Mecha Golems, this beastly weapon can be discharged from the hand of even the puniest of mortals! With this item in your hand you can express judgement upon any who dare oppose you, and become the god of a new world!

2014-07-18 18.31

Before your eyes is the powerful effect of the mighty cannon! This puny slime is no match for its power!

Locating the Legendary Wonder-Weapon![]

2015-06-20 14.26

The legendary weapon's newfound power.

No dungeon chest can hold a weapon with this one's strength! Nor a Boss! Nor a monster! It is said that the weapon is not merely capable of affixing itself to the arm of any Survival-Playing Hooligan! It must be carefully hand-forged by a Dwarven hand, and custom built for its user! Should you attempt to use another man's bubble cannon, it shall be... UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!! And, if they have so brazenly claimed the weapon as their own with the Property attribute, there's no telling what could happen! It is said however, that those great thaumaturges who can drift around the sky like a ghast, the great Creative-Mode-ists, can forge a One-Size-Fits-All model with their dark sorcery. They also say that those blasphemous outcasts, known only as the Minetweakers, may have found another way to forge this powerful item! But nobody knows whether anything that results from their evil ways shall function safely, or grievously murder everyone on the server by summoning the great demon known as 'The Crash!'

The New Legend[]

The Legendary weapon was later improved even more, now shooting a solid stream of liquid to decimate opponents! None can stand up to this terrifying new water pumping ability! Meanwhile, the old use of the Legendary weapon can be easily aquired through the use of the Scroll of the Mystic Prison! This new water spraying ability is not to be trifled with, but it's seperate. Check that out here.

2014-07-18 19.38

Now I have the Legendary Weapon! MUAHAHAHAHA! World Domination is mine!

2014-07-18 20.07

The Bubble Cannon was later returned to it's rightful place atop the Fountain Of Happiness! Disclaimer: The fountain of happiness does not actually exist in this mod, ArloTheEpic should really write more pages like this, but it's really tiring, so he probably won't. Please don't use minetweaker, as that is known to be bad for your physical health, and the mod is already designed the way it is on purpose. This disclaimer it too long, and I forgot most of what I was going to put in it. Good day.