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The Bull

The Bull

HP: 500
ID: chocolateQuest.bull
Locations: Attacking Orc & Goblin Villages.

Drops: Bull Leather

The Bull is a boss mob.

The Bull is a seemingly mighty yet derpy beast that has ties into the apocalyptic fate of the people of the past. He was a Punisher, straight from the depths of the nether to bring the mortals into the nether. Their souls were by his will but since then he has been thrown out of his flaming home and lost most of his Nether powers. He is still an incredible foe to be fought! The bull can spawn at three sizes. Small which is rare, medium and large are common though, this feature is exclusive to 1.7.10-1.0 as spawning the bull in 1.7.10-1.1d will always spawn him small. The bull also does more damage when it's bigger.

Previously known as the Ice bull, The Bull is a new boss Monster in Chocolate quest 1.7.x. The Bull has 500 health and can spawn in many sizes. He can also be spawned by the /CQSpawnBoss bull (size). The bigger the size, the higher the health. But when using the Bull item, it will always have 500 health. The ground shakes as he moves forward. He does a crazy amount of damage and hoofs you around causing tiny earthquakes. He is hostile to all mobs, including other bulls. He also has a difficult time trying to land his powerful blows on the player or other mobs. When killed the Bull drops Bull Leather and possibly the Bull greatsword. The leather can be used to create Bull Armor if you give it to an NPC blacksmith.


The bull's spawn item.

The Bull

The height of the bull. Subject to change.

Ice bull from choco quest 1

The bull's old look in the 1.6.4 version