Bullets are ammunition for guns and the Gun Staff. To fire a gun you must first have the correct bullets in your inventory. Push Sneak+Right Click to load the bullets into your gun. The Sneak function is usually assigned to the Shift-Key

Iron Bullets Edit

These are the standard bullets for this mod. They do the default damage of the gun, and can be found in dungeon chests.

Chocolate Quest Iron Bullets

Gold Bullets Edit


Chocolate Quest Gold Bullets

Gold bullets appear to do more damage. When using a musket from the creative menu, it looked to be adding 3-5 damage.

Fire Bullets Edit

Oddly enough, when testing these bullets, they did base damage and did not set anyone or anything on fire.

Chocolate Quest Fire Bullets

Magic Bullets Edit

Like the fire bullets, these bullets do not cause any magic effects, but only do base damage.

Chocolate Quest Magic Bullets

Cannon Bullet Edit

The Cannon Bullet is only compatible with the Cannon. It can also be seen when using the gun spear. If you fully charge it up, then release, it will fire a cannon bullet. So far I have only found one it dungeon chests.


Chocolate Quest Cannon Bullet