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Bullets are ammunition for guns and the Gun Staff. To fire a gun you must first have the correct bullets in your inventory. Push Sneak+Right Click to load the bullets into your gun. The Sneak function is usually assigned to the Shift-Key

Iron Bullets[]

These are the standard bullets for this mod. They do the default damage of the gun, and can be found in dungeon chests.


Chocolate Quest Iron Bullets

Gold Bullets[]


Chocolate Quest Gold Bullets

Gold bullets appear to do more damage. When using a musket from the creative menu, it looked to be adding 3-5 damage.

Fire Bullets[]

Oddly enough, when testing these bullets, they did base damage and did not set anyone or anything on fire.


Chocolate Quest Fire Bullets

Magic Bullets[]

Like the fire bullets, these bullets do not cause any magic effects, but only do base damage.


Chocolate Quest Magic Bullets

Cannon Bullet[]

The Cannon Bullet is only compatible with the Cannon. It can also be seen when using the gun spear. If you fully charge it up, then release, it will fire a cannon bullet. So far I have only found one it dungeon chests.


Chocolate Quest Cannon Bullet