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The Castles in the Chocolate Quest mod are fantastic dungeons that are located across the lands. Each dungeon is garrisoned by a specific mob type, such as Zombies and Skeletons, who are equipped with armor and weapons as well as a duty to kill you. At the end of each dungeon is a powerful boss, which could be either a Mage/Necromancer, or a more powerful boss such as the Turtle or Spider Queen found below a few of the Castles!

Randomized Castles[]

Chocolate Quest Randomized Castle 8

A Chocolate Quest Randomized Castle

Randomized castles are procedurally generated castles that all have a different appearance. This makes for an amazing variety of structures.

Schematic Castles[]

The Schematic castles are dungeons that have a set appearance. Some of them are made by people other than Chocolatin, like Xiraxis and Kanokarob, and as such, have minibosses to honor them.


The Alchemist castle houses the Turtle Boss, The Alchemist, and a default boss.
Chocolate Quest Castle3


This dungeon is home of The Monking, The Butcher, and a default boss.

Big Tree


This dungeon is the residence of Shelob, The Ender Squad, and a default boss.


The LakeCastle has a default boss, along with two aids to help the boss at the top.
Ravine Castle


The neaEkkleasia castle contains the Turtle bossCitation needed and a miniboss named after the dungeon's builder, meet the evil Xiraxis at the bottom!

Chocolate Quest Castle6


The Castle of the Ravine holds The Prospector and the default boss.
Ravine Castle-0


The wizard castle is the location of Markin and the Slime Boss.
Chocolate Quest Castle1