Frequently asked questions with ArloTheEpic!

What is this mod? Edit

This mod does not actually have anything to do with chocolate, contrary to what is suggested by the name. This mod makes various structures like castles Nether cities and pirate ships spawn around your world, filled with hostile mobs! Plus, some awesome NPCs, and great dungeon crawling items like the Hookshoot and the Cloud Boots.

Where do I download it? Edit

There are downloads available on the forum O.P.

I crashed. Save me! Edit

If you are crashing, please post on the forum the following:

1. What you were doing when the crash occurred. Even if all you did was start the game

2. copy//paste The crash message from the launcher into A SPOILER TAG.

3. (optional) also put in the log if you can, especially if you got no crash report. This also should be in a spoiler tag.

4. any additional information about the crash

also, remember that a few other issues are covered in later parts of the F.A.Q.

Is this mod dead? Edit

It is unclear. This is the longest that Chocolatin has ever gone without updating the mod, but only by a small amount.

Crash while entering/exploring the end?

This is a known Issue. To fix it, open up your .minecraft/config/chocolate/DungeonConfig/caveTest.prop file and change it to say "chance = 0" This is only an issue in versions 1.0 and test 1.1d

¿El juego se cierra al entrar / explorar el The End? Edit

Este problema es conocido. Para solucionarlo, abre el archivo .minecraft / config / chocolate / DungeonConfig / caveTest.prop y cambia la opcion "chance = 0" Este error solo existe en las versiones 1.0 y test1.1d

NPCs won't tell me the cost of items they're selling me! Edit

Remove the mod 'Not Enough Items' and see if the issue persists.

The rendering of items that NPCs ask for is different now, so this should no longer be an issue.

Fix this! Add that! Edit

While we welcome suggestions, note that I myself do not in fact have any control over the mods' future path, and Chocolatin (the mods' author) already has plenty to do with his time, and can usually counter your suggestion with a better one. He's also known to sometimes not show his face here for months at a time, so you may need to wait a little bit.

Mob spawners in your dungeons are empty, and don't spawn anything Edit

You're on creative mode. Try survival.

It's important for the single-use spawners not to activate while creative players are near them, so that players making dungeons can use the single-use spawners.

I'm sorry, did you just say I could MAKE MY OWN DUNGEONS?!?! Edit

why yes, my astute reader! I did! You can make dungeons, then export them with the exporter block, then put the files online for others to enjoy! We recommend putting the dungeons you make here ( so that people can download them at will! To learn more check out the Dungeon Exporting Guide, the Dungeon Configuration Article, the NPC article and the Advanced Dialogs Tutorial.

When will the next release come out? Edit

When it's ready.

Getting a crash while using the 'cave-test.prop' item or 'Test-test.prop' Edit

Test-test.prop and Cave-cave.prop may crash the game if the 'test' folder is empty, you need to export something, or download someone else's dungeon, and then it will spawn when you use that item, as well as all around the world.

Is there anything I should know before posting on the Forum? Edit

Yes, make sure to read at least 2 pages back before posting, as often you'll answer your own question. All of us problem-solving commenters reserve the right to be excessively rude at random moments with little to no provocation. We would like to discourage swearing, advertising, and random acts of hate however.

The crafting recipes won't work! Edit

Incidently, there are no crafting recipes! In older versions of the mod, some items were craftable, but in the current version, no items can be crafted. There are 4 main ways to get the items in the mod.

  • Most items can be obtained by trading with an NPC in an npc dungeon, or rarely other dungeons.
  • Some items can be obtained by defeating certain monsters.
  • Some items can be obtained by opening dungeon chests, and getting lucky.
  • The items can also be obtained from cheating. (Creative inventory, Commands, etc.)

I can't complete a quest, even though I did what I was supposed to! Edit

Another known bug. Unfortunately, we don't really have a workaround for this.

Any more regular crashes you're gonna talk about here? Edit

People have brought to us numerous crashes where they used chocolate quest for the wrong version of Minecraft. (eg. 1.7.2 on 1.7.10) Don't be that person. It's embarrassing to everyone involved.

Modpack? Edit

Yes you can put the mod in your mod pack. We may not even always respond if you ask.

Note that if you cannot use a recent version of the mod due to use of a modpack, we can't help. The most recent version of the mod is always for the most recent version of Minecraft.

I have a crash, and I'm not running the most recent version.

Try running the most recent version and see if that helps. If it doesn't, then post about it. We are not interested in responding to issues with outdated versions of the mod, as many of them were fixed in later updates. 

Some of the names of these dungeons include Minecraft usernames, why? Edit

Those are dungeons that were made by users! That's right, give your dungeon files to Chocolatin, with full permission to both use them and make small changes to them, and if he likes your build, Chocolatin will put your dungeon right into the mod! People won't even need to get it externally!

May I have a hug? Edit

Sure! *hugs*