The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Chocolatin is the author of Chocolate Quest mod and he is a video game developer. He is passionate about programming games. Over the last three years, he has spent thousands of hours programming Chocolate Quest.

Chocolatin learned to program two years before he started working on Chocolate Quest. He first created 2D games in the Java programming language. While he was working on these projects he learned and got faster at programming. He learned about programming 3D games and also became fluent in English along the way.

Chocolatin enjoyed playing Minecraft and thought that he could learn more about programming by reading the Minecraft game code. He wanted to add dungeons to the game and he made a mod to do that, The Better Dungeons Mod. The mod was well received on Minecraft Forums. Chocolatin enjoys playing the mod himself so he has been developing and updating the mod ever since. The mod became popular and was featured in mod-packs like Hexxit and The Yogbox. Recently Chocolatin changed the name of the mod to The Chocolate Quest Mod, after his user-name.

We here at The Chocolate Quest Wiki are very grateful to Chocolatin for making this awesome mod for us and spending all those hours working on it.

Chocolatin has been inactive for a very long time now, and we are seeking other developers.

Also, Here's a link to the User page for him on here.