The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Mobs have a new AI. Mobs are not limited to classes like in the previous versions, they will adapt to the equipped item.
Mobs can use most of the items added by the mod and many different vanilla items. Try to find them all!

You can also open a GUI to edit their inventories and AI. To do this you must join same team the mob is on.

New spawned mobs will look for other mobs of the same faction and create small parties(up to 9 members, captain included).

Once in party mobs can perform a few different roles in combat:
Aggressive: don't care to break formation if they are hunting targets.
Defensive: stays in formation unless someone gets close to the leader.
Evasive: will move backwards if the target gets in close range.
Flee: runs away if their target gets nearby.
Ninja: similar to the aggressive AI but they will try to attack from the back.

Out of combat mobs can perform other tasks:
Follow: they will follow their captain if he gets far.
Formation: stays in their formation position
Ward/Guard: stand in a position awarding for hostiles to appear. To assign the warding position you need to use a mercenary controller item.
Path: similar to the ward AI but following a path. This AI mode requires a path which can be set left clicking with a Path Marker in hand.
Sit: they sit and start meditating, ignoring everything around them.