The Chocolate Quest Wiki

All the commands added by this mod start with /CQ


Used to awake special enchantments from weapons. It can be used on most of the blades added by the mod, guns, staves and some armors. NPCs will be added in future versions to unlock those enchantments.

/CQAddElement element_name 1-4 ,

This command can used on all blade items added by this mod. On hit will unleash the element to deal extra damage. NPCs (Orcs) will add the elements to weapons. With commands has no caps but from NPCs it will be limited to 1 element up to level 4.

/CQSpawnBoss boss_name boss_scale

This command used to summon "animal bosses". Scale is a decimal number (5.5, 2.34...). Bosses spawned in survival won't have a scale bigger than 10. Massive bosses may cause massive lag, or have such a big bounding box that can't detect hits so be careful. The boss_names you can use are slime, emerald sword,

bull, monking, turtle, spider and giantZombie.

/CQReputation set player_name faction_name value

This command is used to change the reputation value of a player with a particular faction.