The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Daggers: right click performs a jump in the direction you are walking consuming some hunger. Attacks from behind deal extra damage.

Iron Dagger[]

+4 attack +5% speed

  • Found in dungeon chests sometimes
  • Sold in some villages

Diamond Dagger

+5 attack +5% speed

  • Found in dungeon chests rarely
  • Sold in some villages

Trickster Dagger

+6 attack +5% speed, Right click turns you, but not your armor, invisible, Shift+Right Click creates a clone of yourself that deals no damage, but it becomes the main target of enemies. Dropped by the pirate king.

Monking Dagger

+7 attack +5% speed


Ninja Dagger[]

+6 attack +5% speed, Shift+Right Click teleports you forward a short distance of 3 to 4 blocks (aiming straight forward and not clipping into the floor, nor dropping on to it)

Rusted Dagger[]



Back Stab: increases damage dealt from behind.

Dodge: reduces hunger consumption at dodges.