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Chocolate Quest Diamond Greatsword.

The Diamond GreatSword is a powerful weapon. Acquired from villages who'm sell these for about 3 Diamonds, and they can be found in dungeon chests.

  • The Diamond Greatsword's left click attack does 10-15 damage varying on Critical hits and your targets armor score, whilst wielding the Diamond Greatsword you can perform a heavy cleav
    Charging up for a cleave

    Holding Right click whilst wielding the Diamond Greatsword.

    e by hold right click doing AOE damage in front of you 2-3 damage if you tap right click if you hold the cleave you can do base 10-20 damage.
    • When you are charging up for the cleave attack your movement speed is hindered similar to pulling back an arrow and sneaking,While holding this sword, your speed is reduced by 5%.
      • As far as I have tested enemies will not cleave you, and their damage is dependent on difficulty. (But enemies wielding this blue beast will always do more damage then an enemy wielding it's Iron counter part.)
        Pirate wearing diamond armor holding Diamondsword

        Diamond tier Pirate wielding Diamond Greatsword.

        • All of the Monster groups/Factions can be found wielding the Diamond Greatsword in Diamond tier.
        • While very slow in frames, they do heck damage