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Green Dragon
The Green Dragon
The Green Dragon
Name: Götterfunken
Total HP: 400
Member of faction: None
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.greendragon
Drops: Dragon Helmet, diamonds
Boss Monster: None
Chocolate Quest Dragon 128x

The Dragon is a flying hostile mob. When killed it drops the Dragon Helmet, and on occasion several diamonds. The dragon's name is Götterfunken.


The Dragon has green scales, and a long, twisting tail. It is just about the size of an Enderman, but it is long.


Chocolate Quest Dragon 1

The Dragon attacks kind of like the Ender Dragon, but can also shoot fireballs, similar to the fireballs shot from the fire staff. Every melee hit from the Dragon deals 3 health points. The fireballs deal 3 health points, too.



The dragon is found in the MountainCastle. After beating the Abyss Walker King, there is a bed and an item frame with a regular golden apple in it. Mine the silverfish blocks and those behind them to enter a quartz area. Here are several more item frames, one containing an enchanted golden apple. Follow the path down and around until you come to a large open cave. Upon defeating the dragon, there is a lever to the left. Activating it lights a single piece of TNT that blasts a hole in the side of the castle as a potential escape route. Paradoxically, it's not recommended to take on the Abyss Walker King without first procuring a dragon helmet, as he has very high health and damage, and you will die, no matter what armor you have, if you chose to take him on from close range, and bearing nether dragon helmet nor super tool. You may also find him in some player-made dungeons.

Extra Features[]

If the Dragon and the Walker King are next to each other then the Walker King will mount the dragon. At first, the dragon will fly up, and seemingly attack the walker until it reaches y:256, it will fly there for ~5 seconds, then fly downwards, the dragon stops attacking the walker king, and the walker king controls the dragon, but only it's movement. The dragon will still attack separately.

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