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The exporter block is the main block used to export a dungeon.

Clicking the exporter block opens a GUI, here you can modify the bounds, or with the export button save the contents inside the bounds as a schematic into .minecraft/config/Chocolate/Building/Test folder.

The exporter is compatible with external mods blocks. But placing external mod items into inventories(chest, frames...) can cause errors. With the exception of dummies saved to a spawner which should be compatible with any block/item.

Once pasted into the world the contents of the dungeon shouldn't change with some exceptions:

Dummies in a spawner are transformed to the dungeon mob.

Empty vanilla chests have its content replaced with items from the "chests" list.

The Exporter Chest blocks from this mod are transformed to chests and filled with items of their respective lists.

The "boss" block is transformed into the boss of the dungeon mobs.

Empty dispensers are filled with arrows, or rarely with fire charges.(Or with a very small chance experience bottles).

Empty furnaces have a chance to be filled with coal and/or smelted items


2014-07-18 10.29

Dummies inside a spawner once copied into the world are transformed to the monster assigned to the dungeon.

Right click on a dummy opens a GUI to edit equipment and AI as mercenaries. You can also edit drop chances for the equipment and health scale which once transformed is multiplied by the base health of the mob.


Dummy GUI

Interacting with a name_tag in hand allows to rename them.

Use the Mercenary Controller to tell the dummies where to move, the position to ward and assign them to teams. Shift + Right Click to change the mode.

Use the Path Marker item you can assign them a path to follow.

To save the dummies into a spawner you need to attack them with the Mob To Spawner item. Saving a leader to a spawner saves the entire party.