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Chocolate Quest Dyed Armor 2

Chocolate Quest Diamond Armor dyed blue

Some types of armor from The Chocolate Quest mod can be dyed different colors. Colored armor is not only stylish, it can be helpful for identifying allies and foes in battle. Diamond Armor, Iron Armor, Heavy Iron/Diamond plates and the Mage Robe can be dyed any color of the rainbow; not just the colors corresponding to Minecraft dyes.

There are currently no crafting recipes to make Dyed Armor. Dyed armor can only be obtained with the use of the command- give @p chocolatequest:ItemName 1 0 {display:{color:ColorValue}}

Capes and aprons[]

Most plates from this mod can have capes and aprons.

Capes and aprons can only by added to plates using commands.


Cape and apron

Inquisition armour with cape and apron



The number specifies the type of texture, for a reference take a look at banners metadata(item damage).

One of ArloTheEpic's dungeons features an npc who will add capes to your armor.


Because there is no crafting recipes for Dyed Armor, it is a little bit tricky to obtain. You must enter a command into the chat window. Just type " / " in game and the window will pop up for you to enter the command; that's without the quotation marks.

In the examples below you will need to change "player_name" to you own player name. You should change "(type)" into the type of armor you want - Helmet, Plate, Pants or Boots. You can also change the color number at the end of the command to a different decimal color value. Please see the section below about Decimal Color Values.

/give player_name chocolateQuest:diamondColored(type) 1 0 {display:{color:170}}

More Examples[]

Red Iron Helmet

/give player_name chocolateQuest:ironColoredHelmet 1 0 {display:{color:16711680}}

Blue Dyed Diamond Boots

/give player_name chocolateQuest:diamondColoredPlate 1 0 {display:{color:170}}

Dark Green Mage Robe[]

/give player_name chocolateQuest:mageRobe 1 0 {display:{color:32768}}

/give player_name chocolateQuest: 1 0 {display:{color:8339378},cape:10,apron:10}

Fixed: /give player_name chocolateQuest:kingArmor 1 0 {display:{color:8339378},cape:10,apron:10}

Decimal Color Values[]

This is how you determine which number to use for the color value. You can pick any color you would like.

Go to the Math Is Fun website and use their Color Mixer. Adjust the slider bars until you obtain the desired color. The color mixer will give you a decimal number corresponding to the color value that you selected. You will use the decimal number when you are entering the commands from the section above.

Mage Robe[]

The Mage Robe is the only item in Chocolate Quest that can be dyed in a crafting table by combining it with any color dye, rather than via commands. Commands work too though.