The Chocolate Quest Wiki
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Name: Elemental
Total HP: 40
Member of faction: Summoner's
Entity ID: Unknown
Drops: None
Boss Monster: none
Found in: Summoned
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All four types of golems and elementals, chilling.

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Slightly worse quality cap of all the Elementals.

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Fire and Light Elementals

Elementals are skeleton-like creatures made of solid magic that can be summoned with magical staffs. Although there are no nature ones, and the healing staff does not support spells, all other elements have elementals as well as their cousin, the Elemental Golems.

Elementals are summoned using magic staffs of the same type as the elemental you want, and will attack what you attack. They disappear fairly quickly.They act similar to Summoned Undead.


Elementals look like summoned undead, except shaded different colors. Elementals make the sound of skeletons, because they are basically retextured Summoned Undead!