The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Elements are a little known part of this mod. Elements are applied to swords, bullets and staves to take profit of the enemies weakness.
To protect against elements you can use vanilla enchantments, and a magic resist enchantment added by this mod.

To apply elements to gear, you can either use commands, or element stones.

The main elements are:


Its the most common element, based in physical damage.

Physic damage is applied in blade hits, arrows, nature spells.

Physic damage can be reduced wearing armor


Its a rare element based on arcane forces mostly unknown to all of us.

Magic damage is applied in instant damage potions, poison, thorns, magic spells...

Magic damage is weaker than physical damage against unarmored targets, but gains some armor penetration, so it can be more effective used against armored targets.


Thunder, causes damage similar to explosions using electricity.

Thunder damage applies blast damage, so it can be greatly reduced using the enchantment Blast Protection, can also be used as a protection agains blast based damage(explosions, bullets).

Thunder based damage is weaker than magic damage against unarmored targets, in exchange thunder gains more armor penetration.


Deals fire damage, powerful fire attacks can ignite the target.

Not much to say, it burns and can be reduced via armor(won't reduce ignition damage) or Fire Protection.


A subversion of the magic element developed by the mages from Diurna Inquisition.

The damage is a little lower that pure magic but it's extremely effective against undead targets.