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The following names are non-official.

Beneath the bottom of the Redstone castle lie the best of the best of the Abyss Walker Warriors. These fiends are well armed and armored. All of them are more lethal than some of the other mini-bosses, so prepare for a difficult duel.

The Dragon Warrior[]

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The Dragon Warrior is the first you encounter entering into the crypt. He has 360 Health, and wears a Dragon Helmet. His minions each have 70 Health, and, as you can see easily, they wear Wither Skeleton skulls. They wield bones to bash you with.

The Turtle Defender[]

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Another 360 Healther. He wears the Turtle Scale Armor, with the Turtle weapons. Due to the full set bonus. he regenerates abnormally quickly. Take a left at the wall at the back to encounter him.

The Slimy Ninja[]

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The most dangerous of the bunch is the slimy ninja, as he is fast and high damage. The Slimy ninja may be a reference to Xiraxis, from another dungeon, or possibly to the slime boss in Terraria, who seems to have armor inside suggesting that he has consumed a ninja prior to now, and will drop ninja gear. With 360 health, full Slime Armor, magical healing slimes (similar to the Slime Boss or Xiraxis), two Monking Daggers, and the ability to teleport, he is a nightmare to any player who doesn't have insanely overpowered stuff on at the time. At the end of the tunnel where you fight him, you get your deserved rewards: 2 Diamond Blocks!

Entering the Crypt[]

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Entering the Crypt is fairly simple. Remember that these bosses are in the Snow Castle Redstone Castle. Around the Southwest corner of the Castle, there will be some walkers, a cow farm, and a door into the main structure. almost immediately, there will be a dropper which says to 'insert crypt key' above some yellow carpet. The crypt key is a stick renamed to 'crypt key,'. The crypt key can be found in the upper towers on the way to the boss (Although you could just use an anvil to rename a stick). The easier way is to drill through the dungeon brick wall. You will need to break about 2-3 layers to get through. Although this method does work, it is not recommended that the player mines any parts of any dungeon aside from what they must, to keep the experience intact. Just make yourself a fake key. Go downwards, and you will encounter the crypt. Directly to your left, you shall see a dropper. It contains some fairly useful items for the continuation of your quest. Afterwards, you will be able to engage in battle with any of the above combatants.