Exporter Chests are used in preparation for exporting a dungeon.

Obtaining Edit

Exporter Chests when placed can be harvested by hand in survival, and will drop itself.

Due to these blocks being replaced on generation, they are impossible to obtain in survival.

Usage Edit

Exporter Chests inside of loaded structures will be transformed into regular Vanilla Chests filled with loot.

Exporter Chests come in 4 variants:

Exporter Chest 1

Valuable Edit

Generates with valuable items, such as Diamonds and Emeralds

Exporter Chest 2

Food Edit

Generates filled with food.

Exporter Chest 3

Equipment Edit

Generates with Weapons and Armor.

Exporter Chest 4

Utility Edit

Generates with utility items, such as arrows and torches.

Trivia Edit

  • Vanilla Chests exported in dungeon structures will generate random items.

Gallery Edit