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The Monking
The Giant Monking
The Giant Monking
Name: Giant Monking
Total HP: 760
Member of faction: mob_mandril
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.monking
Drops: Monking Bone

The Giant Monking is a Boss mob.

The Monking has 760 health. He kicks and swings his arms at the player, dealing a large amount of knockback and 3 hearts of damage to an unarmored player. The monking can jump high into the air 3 times in succession. When he lands from a jump, it will do large damage in the form of an explosion that destroys no blocks. He can regenerate. He is also hostile to most mobs including the player. He drops Monking Bones, the Monking Dagger and the Monking Sword.

Super secret method of destroying the Monking:

The Monking's massive health total is huge, and he ordinarily takes forever to kill, but if you can manage to target his head, (difficult, due to his height,) he will take critical damage depending on the weapon(i.e diamond sword will do +12 instead of +7 to him). The best way to accomplish this is by pulling yourself to his head with a hookshoot.

Where to find him[]

The Monking can be found on top of a BigTree, or as the final Stage 3 boss in the NPC arena. He is the possible end boss if it weren't for the walker king :/

Monking horizon
Monking atop a tree