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Giant Zombie

The Giant Zombie

The Giant Zombie

HP: 300 by default.
ID: chocolateQuest.giantZombie
Locations: Nowhere. Spawning in only.
Support monster: Zombies
Member of the Faction: Undead
Drops: Rotten Flesh and Emeralds. Totals scale to size.
2015-06-14 13.13

Some Sizes of Giant and a Zombie

2015-06-14 13.13

The Giant Zombie

2015-06-14 13.12

Comparing the smallest Giant Zombie to a normal Zombie.

The Giant Zombie is a boss mob. It attacks by kicking the player. Hitting the larger variants of the Giant Zombie will do more damage than usual.


The Giant Zombie can be spawned with its spawn item which looks like a picture of a Zombie's head.

The syntax to summon a Giant zombie is as follows: (being size number) /CQSpawnBoss giantZombie 


/summon [desired coordinates x y z ] chocolateQuest.giantZombie

So to give some examples:

/CQSpawnBoss giantZombie 1

will summon a normal sized one, while larger numbers will give you bigger ones. You may choose decimals to spawn "tiny giant zombies". 

/summon 2 2 2 chocolateQuest.giantZombie

will put one at  coordinates 2 2 2, but won't allow you to control size. However, with the data tag {size}, you can control the location and size:

/summon  2 2 2 chocolateQuest.giantZombie {size:s}

Older Versions[]

  • In version 1.0, the Giant Zombie's spawn item is broken, and it can only be summoned using commands.