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Gremlin Boss
Two of them!
Two of them!
Name: Gremlin Leader
Total HP: 250
Member of faction: Gremlins
Entity ID: Unknown
Drops: Base CQ Boss Drops
Boss Monster: of the Gremlins
Found in: Castles very far from spawn

The Gremlin Boss is... Well... The boss of the Gremlins.

He's basically a gremlin with a Hooksword, a Fire Rosary, Golden helmet and Cloud Boots, as well as a lot of health, and he will destroy you. It's that simple.


The gremlin boss appears to act like the original boss, using its hooksword to reel you closer while charging at you with its bull axe. It's hooksword does 7 health points (3 hearts), and the bull horn axe does 7 health points (3 1/2 hearts)


  • Players using Damage Indicators instead of the scouter (for some reason) will note that the Gremlin Boss is refered to in damage indicaters as just "Gremlin"
  • The gremlin boss was present in the old 1.6.4 versions too, where he had 50 less health points, was called the "Gremlin Shaman," and used a wind sword and hookshoot instead of a Bull Horn Battle Axe and a Hooksword.

Two Gremlin Bosses