The Chocolate Quest Wiki

A small dungeon made by ArloTheEpic that looks at first glance like a grove of trees on a hill, however if one were to go near it, one would find astounding numbers of monsters, Both aggressive chocolate quest mobs, and many regular mobs, for mining in many places would uncover monster spawners. All of the trees are dark oak.

Since the dungeon contains no real format, and is pretty small, there is no boss monster, but a player-made mini-boss instead. the Rubberman! A skeleton in full slime armor who duel wields flamethrowers. (may show up again in later dungeons as a mini-boss)

Also, contains a semi-hidden room with some sort-of guarded treasure.

Dungeon is not particularly supported anymore, but I may start updating it again later.

Bonus mission: (for a small amount of extra difficulty, see if you can do this!)

-There is a dummy inside of the grove, can you exterminate all of the monsters

 in the grove without letting him get killed?