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Chocolate Quest Healing Potion

Chocolate Quest Pirate Using Healing Potion

A Pirate consuming a Healing Potion

The Chocolate Quest Healing Potion restores 4 hit points(2 hearts) when it is consumed. When you have the Healing Potion selected, right-click and hold until the potion is consumed.

Almost all Chocolate Quest mobs carry Healing Potions. When they are low on health, they will retreat and try to attempt to consume a Healing Potion before returning to battle. Boss monsters do not carry healing potions. 

When equipping a Dummy you may place a potion in the slot below the right weapon slot. You may place multiple if you wish, however the maximum is 64, as that is the maximum stack size. If a mob has more than one potion, it will drink the potions individually. For example, if a pirate has 3 potions ,it will retreat (if low on health), drink the potion, then return to battle, doing this 3 times.