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Inquisition Armor 1

Inquisition Armor is worn by members of the Diurna Inquisition.

It is all available as sold by npcs in the Inquisition villages. Some Inquisition npcs will also drop it if killed, and one will give you a quest to buy him some inquisition pants... Guess he really loves that loincloth... About as good as Diamond.

Inquisition Helmet[]


A helmet resembling a lighter Diamond helmet, with golden trim. Beautiful!

Inquisition Plate[]


A lighter Diamond Breastplate with gold trim around the shoulders and in the center of the chest. Fabulous!

Inquisition Pants[]


Bright Diamond Pants with what appears to be a golden Loin-cloth. Stylish!

Inquisition Boots[]


Glittery Diamond Boots with a trim of gold at the top and what appears to be Leather Straps. Neat!