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Iron Greatsword

The Iron GreatSword is a powerful weapon. Acquired from villages who'm sell these for about 3 iron ingots, and they can be found in dungeon chests.

  • The Iron Greatsword's left click attack does 5-14 damage varying on Critical hits and your targets armor score, whilst wielding the Iron Greatsword you can perform a heavy cleave by hold right click doing AOE damage in front of you 2-3 damage if you tap right click if you hold the cleave you can do base 10-18 damage.
Iron Greadsword Visual fx first person right click

Right Click Cleave in First person.

  • When you are charging up for the cleave attack your movement speed is hindered similar to pulling back an arrow and sneaking,While holding this sword, your speed is reduced by 5%.
Skeleton wearing leather armor holding great sword

A skeleton clad in leather armor wielding an Iron Greatsword.

  • As far as I have tested enemies will not cleave you, and their damage is dependent on difficulty
  • All of the Monster groups/Factions can be found wielding the Iron Greatsword from Leather to Iron tier.