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Kakas123455's Dungeons[]

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Kakas123455 Abandoned Tower 2

Abandoned tower[]

This tower was once a watch tower where warriors rested until a mysterious man came and asked to stay here for the night. A dark curse fell upon the warriors and they all died. Now they serve their master... even in death. They say that there are some treasures that the warriors kept there!

Kakas123455 Dragon Lair 3

Dragon's Lair[]

Many have been slain in this lair... some of them resurrected somehow. The evil dragon awaits you! But the slain adventurers didn't come there without goodies...dupe

Kakas123455 Wizards Tower 1

Wizards Tower[]

In this tower there are 3 wizards.They are experimenting potions, spells, enchants but they have chests with their materials for all those things. They say each wizard had his own floor for experimenting.

Kakas123455 Crypt 1


You can hear someone shouting for help in the basement but who is it?

Notes: This is a small dungeon and you need to have CQ pre-release2 or a version of CQ with NPCs. There are some command blocks to make the atmosphere prettier. Thanks for downloading!!!

Pandemonium fortress

The demons have imprisoned an angel in their rotting and ancient fortress,can you kill the demons,free the angel and find treasure? If yes,this place is for you! Oh and it is kinda hard so you might want to progress a bit.

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