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King Armor is a type of chestplate dropped by the Abyss Walker King. It resembles a diamond chestplate with a crown, shoulder pads, and what appears to be rubies. It looks very fashionable, wear it to impress your friends. Most mobs in the chocolate quest mod have the ability to wear this armor if put on it. The armor gives 8 armor points, which is 32% resistance from most damage. It also has 0.6 knock back resistance (60%).

In the first 1.7.10 release of chocolate quest, the king armor has been given a new item image, but the model has remained the same.

Again, later, that image was updated again, giving it a gray texture in the center. The model was also updated in 1.1, now looking much nicer, although even less like the new item texture.

King Armor 1