The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Never completely covers everything :\

Rendering issues[]

  • The male innkeepers tend to be missing their texture by default. This is due to an issue where the file location of the texture is misspelled.

Item/block/code Errors[]

  • The super tool! will place block on top of mobs, when used with the 'none' block, it will mean many mobs, particularly bats, will be trapped inside of the blocks until they are removed.

Things we can't do anything about[]

  • When biomes o' plenty is installed, the land dungeons sometimes spawn at sea. This is because the BoP mod defines the 'kelp forest' as a forest, so forest dungeons spawn there. You can specifically turn off kelp forests in the settings.


  • The slime boss has waaaaaayyy too much HP. (Possibly not a bug, but it takes about ten minutes of hacking at with a Monking sword, even when you kill the micro-slimes.)
  • Occasionally, when you export a CQ mob inside of a spawner that is neither boss, NPC, or dummy, the mob will have its HP multiplied by ten.
  • Exporting npcs with certain other mods installed will cause the npcs to turn into the default monsters for that area if the other mods are not present the next time the dungeon is loaded up.