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|210px|The Lich]]
The Lich
Name: Lich
Total HP: 300
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.lich
Drops: Cursed Bone, Badge
Boss Monster: Zombie

The Lich is the boss mob of the Zombies. (150 hearts).


Over the years (not really years, just exaggerating), the lich has changed by looks. Previous to the picture shown, the lich looked like (and had the same sounds as) a Zombie, bearing a witch hat, a nature staff, and chain boots and mage robe. It still wears the same clothing, but the skin texture is lich.png, making it look more lich-like. in 1.6.4 the Liche looked like this but then it looked like a zombie and finally they changed it back to this look.


The Lich has several ways of attack. Using the Nature Staff, it can cast the vampiric spell, the projectile spell, the area spell and the teleport spell. It can also use its cursed bone to summon Summoned Undead. The Vampiric spell is a reddish ball shot at you. It deals about 2-4 health points of damage and then brings a floating heart back to it, which heals it the amount it damaged you or another entity. The projectile is a grayish chunk shot out of the staff which harms you, but does not heal the Lich. The Area spell it uses sends a 6 block-radius shock wave around the Lich, damaging 3 health points per touch.

Legends and Lore[]

The lich is a very powerful necrotic beast that has learned the secrets of an undying mysterious commotion in the story of the beast. People tell stories about a person who has committed crimes against humanity, all you need to know is that the master Lich of the undead is still roaming.