The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Hey, thanks for checking by. I'm Lucas, the Red Dragon, and I love RPGs. I always wanted to add a dungeon crawler feel to Minecraft, so I have been a fan of chocolate quest for a long time. Now that I found out you can add your own dungeons, I decided to contribute to the mod... and here they are:

Tower of Doom[]

The only map for now. It is a hardcore, top-down experience that starts out ridiculously easy, and gets insanely frustrating at the end. The tower is 255 FRIGGIN meters high, and has 50 floors. each 10 floors, you'll get a prize. But the more you go down, the harder it gets to survive. If you happen to find one at the beginning of your game, DO NOT attempt to go inside. You'll get your butt kicked. A lot. I highly recommend modded gear, if not end-game gear, because after level 25, things just lose the sense of difficulty. Well, why the heck would I try it anyway, you might be asking yourself? Well... the reward is great. the floor is made of glow stone, so that might save you some nether trips. the "prize" floors have red stone blocks, so if you are using industrial mods, well, that means no more red stone mining. also, when you reach the end of the dungeon, you'll have around a pack and a half of diamonds (using the default config), loads of gold, and all sorts of treasure. Don't worry though, the walls are filled with bedrock, so no one can cheat their way down. The only problem with that, is that you'll have to build your way up to the door (yes, to level 255!) and, when you reach the bottom, you'll have to build your way back up again. There is a custom boss at the end, you might recognize him by the way...


The tower's entrance.


A top-down view of the tower

Downloads are here!