The Chocolate Quest Wiki

Upgrades are used to improve the performance of your Mecha Golem.

An upgrade can be placed in the Armor slots of a Mecha Golem or Heavy Mecha Golem

Armor Upgrade[]


Chocolate Quest Mecha Golem Armor Upgrade

The Armor upgrade Increases the Golem's resistance to damage.

Available in the Dwarven Village

Barrier Upgrade[]


Chocolate Quest Mecha Golem Barrier Upgrade

The Barrier Upgrade generates a barrier around the Golem, protecting against projectiles or long ranged attacks.

Available in the Dwarven Village

Electric Field Upgrade[]


Chocolate Quest Mecha Golem Electric Field Upgrade

The Electric Field Upgrade surrounds the Golem with an electric field that damages nearby enemies. Adding additional Electric Field Upgrades will decrease the time between each attack.

Available in the Dwarven Village

Repair Upgrade[]


Chocolate Quest Mecha Golem Repair Upgrade

The Repair upgrade automatically repairs broken modules, providing the Golem with natural regeneration.

Not in the current version of the mod

Support Fire Upgrade[]


Chocolate Quest Mecha Golem Support Fire Upgrade

The Support Fire adds a mortar that automatically shoots nearby enemies.

Available in the Dwarven Village