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Mecha Golem
A Mecha Golem
A Mecha Golem
Name: Mecha Golem
Total HP: 100 / 140
Member of faction: Player/NPC (?)
Entity ID: Regular:chocolateQuest.mecha,Heavy:chocolateQuest.mechaHeavy
Drops: None
Boss Monster: None

'Twas many, many, years ago when a Testificate first showed a Dwarf the secret of the Iron Golem, and history will never forget his reply; "Meh, Needs work." The dwarf then disappeared into the Volcano that he had made his home and was not seen again for several weeks. (although several iron golems disappeared from the nearby village during that time.) When he came out, he came out in style. Riding high atop the first Mecha Golem. In each hand his fearsome creation bore a blade, crafted from pure diamond, and at the center of the great machine, sat the Dwarf himself, a Lever in each hand and a maniacal grin upon his face. No sooner had that Dwarf emerged from the great Mountain, than the other Dwarves began making attachments for the great machine. The attachments ranged from the practical Machine Gun, to the blazing Flamethrower. And even the Legendary weapon; the Bubble Cannon! The Mecha Golem has 100 health points (50 hearts). The Heavy version of the mecha has 140 health points (70 hearts). Both golems unequipped deal 3 health points (1 1/2 hearts).


These weapons are designed to be attached to the Mecha Golem:



To spawn a Mecha Golem in Survival mode you need to build a T shape out of 4 iron blocks and then place the golem item on top and then the mech will appear.

In Creative mode you can simply right-click on the ground with the Mecha Golem spawn item and the mech will appear.

Spawning Mecha Golem


Sneak+Right Clicking on a Mecha Golem opens it's GUI and right clicking the mech without sneaking will cause you to get in and mount the mech.

Mecha Golem GUI[]

Mecha Golem GUI

Inside the Mecha Golem GUI you have many options.

You can tell the mech to "Join my team" or "leave my team", this allows you to act as the mech's commander or not.

On the left you see an image of a mech with six slots on top of it. You can put weapons in the slots on the left and right and you can put upgrades in the four slots in the middle.

The grid area allows you to designate where the mech will stand in formation in relation to it's commander.

The symbols to the right of the grid allow you to tell the mech what it should do when it is in battle.

The buttons on the right allow you to tell the mech what it should do when it is not in battle.