The Chocolate Quest Wiki

You are tired of the Deserts where you can do nothing? I'm feeling like this. So i built my first Dungeon: the Sphinx. I had so much fun doing this that i started building a second Dungeon: the Jungle Temple. Maybe i will build more Dungeons in future, but for now i hope everything works fine and you have fun.

Installation Instructions[]

  1. Download 1 or all of my Dungeons
  2. Unpack the downloaded .zip file/-s
  3. Drop the unpacked Folder in your Config\Chocolate\DungeonConfig Folder
  4. Have Fun

Note: All of my Dungeons can be done WITHOUT breaking any blocks. The "easy" Version is for guys playing without much other mods.


I made a normal Version and one with the Carpenter's Block Mod. For the second one you need the Carpenter's Block Mod installed. The Dungeon has custom Bosses, 4 Secret Rooms and spawns in Deserts.


2016-10-01 19.28

Jungle Temple[]

This is my second Dungeon. I didn't use the Carpenter's Block Mod, but there are still custom Bosses and some Secret Rooms. So try it out.

Note: I used COMMANDBLOCKS covered in Bedrock! Using them will set this "/gamerule commandBlockOutput" to false!


2016-10-01 18.47