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Ah! That looks much better now!

The 'inn' dungeon that is present in the mod under normal circumstances is very well done, but it has a few problems:

  • Some of the beds on the upper floor self-destruct on spawning in the world.
  • The Innkeeper npc has an incorrect texture path, making them look like a group of purple and black squares.

I was unable to fix the first one, but this downloadable dungeon fixes the other one. The Innkeeper will look correct like this.

And I- uh, didn't change anything else in the dungeon at all! Nope! Exactly the same! Sure! I would never lie to you! Right! Yup! Okay!

Download Link:


Since this is not quite a normal dungeon, it has a slightly different installation process. Put this one iin the folder: \config\chocolate\building\villages

Then remove inn.schematic.

Now, here's an important part: unless you want the Inns to spawn both ways, rename the inn+ schematic file to just 'inn.schematic' this way, CQ won't regenerate the faulty verison.

That's it! Done!


This will not effect Inns spawned before you download it! Sorry! You'll have to generate new ones.


Skeleton Bug should be fixed now. Would appreciate someone testing this.