The Chocolate Quest Wiki
A minotaur in the foreground with another behind it.
A minotaur in the foreground with another behind it.
Name: Minotaur
Total HP: 40
Member of faction: mob_minotaur
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.minotaur
Drops: Base CQ mob drops.
Boss Monster: The Minotaur
Found in: Player-made dungeon exclusive.

Minotaurs are yet another type of CQ mob. They have 40 health points (20 hearts). As of now, they can be spawned with their respective spawn item, but before, they could only be spawned with commands.


Minotaurs, when spawned with their spawn item, can have armor ranging from no armor to diamond. Interestingly, although the game's files include textures for normal minotaurs, the minotaurs use an undead minotaur type texture,called minotaurzombie.png, that is closely related to that of zombie pigmen.


  • Having a base health of 40, the Minotaurs are the toughest mob (by default) in the game
  • It is not known where Minotaurs are expected to spawn, but they are expected to be nether monsters.
  • Despite their undead appearance, they are not of the mob_undead faction (anymore,they used to be).