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Monking Bone[]


Chocolate Quest Monking Bone

The Monking Bone looks like a normal bone, but red. The Monking will drop these bones, and they can be traded in NPC villages and player made dungeons to craft Monking weapons. Unfortunately, there are no crafting recepies for these weapons, adding to the difficulty of obtaining them.

Monking Dagger[]


Chocolate Quest Monking Dagger

The Monking Dagger is the dagger with +7 attack damage. It is the highest-damage-dagger in the mod,and like other daggers, does 200% rear damage. It also increases speed by 5%.

Chocolate Quest Sword and Shield

Bottom right in this image

Monking Sword & Shield[]

This weapon is a combination of a sword and shield, that does +8 attack damage. That is more than a diamond sword, and the highest damage for this category in the mod. The difference between other special swords and shields (e.g moonlight) is that it has no special ability. It just blocks like a shield and hits like a monster.

Monking Greatsword[]


Chocolate Quest Monking Big Sword

The Monking Greatsword is a large sword with +10 damage! That is alot... It is like the other Greatswords, where you can hold button 2 and release, to cause an explosion, inflicting damage in a radius. Obviously, this is the best Greatsword, but like the other Monking weapons, it is nearly unobtainable in survival.