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The Morning Shine is a sword and shield used by elite members in Diurna Inquisition. Those weapons were blessed with the light of Diurna and given to the Valkyries.

It deals 7 health points (3 1/2 hearts) on hit and applies weakness to the target.


The item looks like a gold sword, but with a shield and the sword has a rather large handle. The shield is white, with a sun shining in the center.

Rumors and old features[]

  • Rumors say it turns night into morning when L-shifting and right-clicking.
  • Used to give the player (when blocking) Resistance II effect for a short time.
  • Used to be a sword only,not a sword and shield item

The Morning Shine used to be held by the Specter Boss in the old versions of better dungeons, but during the making of CQ, the Inquisition raided the undead (the Inquisition want to exterminate the undead creatures). They also took this sword, and to this day, has made many copies of it,keeping it for themselves.