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Mummy Boss
The Boss Himself
The Boss Himself
Name: Pharaoh
Total HP: 200
Member of faction: Undead
Entity ID: Unknown
Drops: Base CQ Boss drops and Rotten Flesh
Boss Monster: of the Mummies
Found in: Desert Stronghold Boss Rooms

The Mummy Boss is a somewhat work-in-progress boss who uses two Firey Bull Horn Battle Axes, rules the Mummies, and is pretty tough! He's very suceptable to ranged weapons however...


The Mummy boss

He will appear in Desert Strongholds once they are finished.


The mummy boss has King Armor, golden helmet and wields 2 bull horn battle axes, both effected with fiery element. It makes the same exact sound as a regular Zombie.


The mummy boss is a "once-you-get-near-it-you-can't-stop-fighting-it" boss, meaning it will rush toward you and slice you relentlessly, because of its high speed. A good way to fight this boss is pillar up 3 blocks,and hit it while it waits for you to come down. Since they are basically retextured CQ zombies, they can still drink healing potions, when their health is low.