The Chocolate Quest Wiki
Name: Non Player Character
Total HP: 20
Member of faction: NPC
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.NPC
Drops: None
Boss Monster: None

NPCs are found in NPC villages. They can also be spawned in creative mode using the 'NPC' item found in the Chocolate Quest tab of the creative inventory. 'N.P.C.' stands for 'non-player character.'

You can talk to an NPC by right-clicking on them. In creative mode you can Shift + Right Click on the NPC and it will open up a GUI where you have many settings to control the NPC.

Making an NPC[]

Visit this page for ArloTheEpic's NPC creation tutorial!


An NPC can have a large number of appearances. There are many different models for the skins to appear on, but most are designed for a specific one. NPCs are likely to look like one mob or another from the Chocolate Quest mod. They can also have different heights, the extremes are shown in figure 3.

Custom Textures:

To specify custom textures you can put an '@' at the start of the path. The path that you specify can start inside the Chocolate folder.

Example 1 - To assign a custom texture from a properly prepared custom dungeon folder looks like this:


The dBZ folder was created inside the DungeonConfig folder to hold the custom dungeon and it's supporting files for distribution. The "textures" folder was created inside the dBZ folder to hold the custom textures that go with the dungeon. There is also a "building" folder inside the dBZ folder that holds the schematic for the dungeon. And a "dialog" folder inside the dBZ folder to hold the the dialogs, the things the NPCs say to you.