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The Necromancer
The Necromancer
Name: Necromancer
Total HP: 400
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: necromancer
Drops: Cursed bone wind staff
Boss Monster: necromancer

The Necromancer is the boss mob of the Skeletons.

What a powerful mob indeed. The necromancer has 300 health wields a Cursed Bone and a Nature Staff, and is wearing a Mage Robe. It generates Summoned Undead mobs that have 25 health that do a half heart of damage and send the Necromancer some health. The necromancer's main staff does 1 heart of damage and life steals 2 health, it can also do an alternative attack where it shoots a powerful poison shot. When Killed it drops the Cursed Bone that will allow you to create Summoned undead.

Necromancers were treated as if they were witches they were hated burned on all the time wielding the slightest power of undeath they come into this world and a dangerous force!