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A dungeon that can be very easy or next to impossible, depending on how you play it. This dungeon is a vertical tower with many powerful monsters, plus an insured hookshoot to help you access the top, but be warned. If this dungeon is not attacked stealthily, all of the mobs in it may run to you at once, in a mob of mobs you cannot hope to fight!

2014-11-20 19.21

A very interesting banner for those who go without the suggested mods

place this schematic into into the config/Chocolate/Building/castles- folder for best results!

List of other mods to be added for small bonus objects in the dungeon: (if you want to find them on your own, don't read this)

-Carpenter's blocks
-Applied Energistics

Note: for some reason the armor stand is empty if the other mods are all not installed, no clue why.

Note: Currently outdated (although still usable) and saved on a computer that I don't use anymore, so although I may remake it or update it, it's probably best to just not use it until I do, and I don't expect to do so soon.

download here!