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The team edit key, called 'key.pong' in the key settings, and on the 'F' key by default, is a Chocolate Quest keybind that allows the player, when they press it, to manipulate nearby creatures that are on their team. In creative mode, the player can edit any mob from Chocolate Quest, regardless of team or reputation.

Key.pong is likely only a temporary name, and the key is expected to be renamed in the future to something like 'Party Editor,' or 'The Party Control Key'

Should the third most popular removed item return, the GUI brought up by pressing this key will likely feature a button to awaken Soul Weapons.

From this menu one can make the targeted npcs, (indicated by colorful hoops that apear around them,) perform various actions like switching attack modes or mounting a horse.

Function list:[]

  • In later versions of this page, this will likely be a FULL list of the key's functions, in order.
  • Make mobs ride horses!
  • Make mobs attack from a distence!
  • Make mobs get off horses!
  • Make mobs attack directly!
  • Make mobs attempt to stab the opponent form behind!
  • Make mobs run away from everything!
  • Make mobs do other things!
  • Create Parties!
  • Close the GUI!