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Chocolate Quest Path Marker

The path marker is used to show mobs a path to follow. It can be used on NPCs, Dummies, Mecha Golems and ally mobs.

Use of the Path Marker for Dungeon Exporting[]

To start with, you should prepare a dummy. Equip the dummy with weapons and armor. In the Dummy GUI select "Path". After you have done that, close the GUI and select the Path Marker. While holding the Path Marker right-click on the ground. The first right-click just activates the Path Marker, it will start to glow as if it were an enchanted item. The second time your right-click on the ground, and every time afterwards, a banner will appear. The banners are waypoints that the mob will walk to. Place the banners all along the path that you want the dummy to follow. After you have finished creating the path, go back to your dummy and left-click on him with the Path Marker. The dummy will start to walk to the banners in the order that you placed them and when it reaches then end of the path it will turn around and visit all of the banners in reverse.

The banners that you place are only visible while you are holding the Path Marker. You will see white symbols flying thru the air between the banners and these show you the path.

Chocolate Quest Path Marker2

A Chocolate Quest Dummy following a path that was created with a Path Marker