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Pig Mage
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Name: Pig Mage
Total HP: 500
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.pigzombie
Drops: Cursed Bone
Boss Monster: Of the Pig Zombies
Found in: Nether Cities
2015-07-02 20.55

Old Pig Mage Look

The Pig Mage is the boss of the pig zombies. He can be found in nether cities. 


The Pig Mage wears the red mage set, holds a fire staff and a cursed bone. Unlike other bosses with cursed bones, the Pig Mage summons in wither skeletons. It acts like any ordinary armored pigman, except that it casts spells!

As of 1.1d update, the Pig Mage now wears Mage Armor, hiding it's face and making it slightly more difficult. It used to wear the mage robe, chain leggins and chain boots.


Since the Pig Mage wields a fire staff, it has multiple attacks. The first attack may be the area spell, which makes a ring of fire that expands to about 6-7 blocks. This attack deals 3 health points (1 1/2 hearts), and setting you on fire for a short time. The second attack may be the boomerang spell, which shoots a fireball at you. If it misses, it will come back to the Pig Mage. The Mage won't be hurt by the projectile... This boomer-ball deals 4 health points(?) (2 hearts?). The third attack is the vampiric spell. It shoots a purplish orb at the mob it's attacking. If it hits it, it deals 3 health points. Then, a pinkish heart comes floating toward the Mage. If necessary it will also summon wither skeletons to hold the player back .When it's low on health, it will drink a Healing Potion.