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This is the armored Pig Zombie from the Chocolate Quest Mod.For the vanilla Minecraft zombie pigman, see Zombie Pigman.

Armored Pig Zombie
A Pig Zombie in HingedPrisms's Nether Ship.
A Pig Zombie in HingedPrisms's Nether Ship.
Name: PigZombie
Total HP: 35
Member of faction: mob_undead
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.pigzombie
Drops: Default CQ mob Drops
Boss Monster: Pig Mage

Pig Zombies are new mobs in the Chocolate Quest Mod 1.7.2BETA2 version.They make the sounds of a regular zombie pigman,but do not hold their arms up like zombies. They are allies with Specters, Skeletons and Zombies. Check out the article about the exiting New Mob AI and learn how to join a team of Chocolate Quest mobs so they will follow you and fight for you.

Appearance/Story of the Pigmen[]

Well, obviously, a zombie pigman! They can wear a variety of armor from none to diamond. They were pigs once then they became the test subjects for the Necromancers cruel experiments that would make his army unstoppable, however the pigs knew that the Necromancers just thought them disposable and they cried out to leave the Necromancers Castle. Their calls were answered when a Bull from the Nether found them and brought them to its fiery depths to guard it for eternity

AI/Smartness and actions[]

Like all chocolate quest mobs, Pig Zombies have teams, drink potions, the usual. They will walk around lava, because they are not immune to fire.This is intentional because they weren't implemented with fire resistance, unlike normal Zombie Pigman. They are hostile to the player and all non-undead factions.